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Over 100 Cloud Apps
  • Secure and powerful platform
  • Billing based on resource usage by the minute
  • Easy installation with no admin experience required
  • Includes a £100 starting credit!
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Version 8.4.2-0

Drupal is a flexible open source content management system which allows you to create many different projects. Its extensive features for assigning functions and rights make Drupal also suitable for collaborative article editing. This content management system is characterized by a simple installation, a user-friendly interface and easy handling of multiple language versions. Thanks to its role-based rights system, Drupal is also suitable for collaborative article editing. This content management system has been developed as a multi-platform and runs inter alia on Apache, NGINX and Microsoft IIS Web Servers. Thanks to the database abstraction layer, you can connect Drupal to SQLite, MySQL / MariaDB and PostgresSQL databases. The connection to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MongoDB is possible through the installation of expansion modules. Furthermore, Drupal supports HTML-5 and provides powerful programming interfaces and frameworks for developers. The functionality can be continuously extended through a wide range of modules.
  • Create and edit content anywhere, with an editor similar to familiar word processing software. Content can be edited in-page through a standard browser and on the go with a mobile device. Streamline workflows with revisioning, tagging, and taxonomy.
  • Drupal is secure by design. DDoS prevention measures such as automatic HTML, CSS, and Javascript caching; strong yet flexible database encryption; form data scrubbing against malicious entries; and brute force IP blocking are all included.
  • Drupal is highly modular, with thousands of themes, modules, and add-ons that make every aspect of the app customizable. For anything from mom-and-pop e-Commerce site to global corporate homepage, Drupal can be customized to fit your needs.

These applications run on Linux CentOS 7.

Minimum requirements: 1&1 Cloud Server M

As part of your contract, you can choose as many free apps as you like from the Cloud Panel.

We recommend:

  • CPU: 1 vCore
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • SSD: 50 GB
£9.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
Maximum security and
Secure your web projects!
Secure data transaction
Secure Data Centres
Symantec SSL certificates are now included with all 1&1 packages, providing maximum protection of your website.
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The 1&1 Data Centres are among the safest and most modern in Europe - verified with ISO-27001:2013 certification from TÜV Nord.
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Our newly-developed Cloud Server combines all the benefits of a physical server with the advanced capabilities of the cloud! Experience it for yourself – try the 1&1 Cloud Server for one month, free and with no obligation!

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