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FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

Cheap domain names

  • Why are some domains cheaper than others?

    There are many reasons why some domains are cheaper than others. The most obvious reason is like with any businesses that sell the same products; they compete against each other with differentiating prices. One type of business will speculate on high volume and therefore have lower profit margins, which in turn keep their prices down. Other businesses sell themselves as exclusive and high-end providers and charge the respective prices. As stated above, some providers package their domain prices with the affiliated services such as domain and website hosting. See for yourself! Another common reason for differentiating domain prices is the demand for domain extensions (.com, .net, .info…). The most demanded domain extension like .com would be more expensive because of the basic economic principles of supply and demand. The more demand for a domain, the less are available and the higher the price will be accordingly.
  • Which cheap domains can I register at 1&1?

    1&1 offers you a wide range of different domains. The most common domains are available at cheap prices. You will find generic top level domains (e.g. .com,, .uk,, .org...) and a lot of new top level domains as .london, .scot or .football.
  • How secure is it to use a cheap domain name for my new project?

    Although 1&1 offers domains at very competitive prices, it is of course completely safe to use them. You do not have to compromise on the security of your project in order to benefit from our cheap domain names. Once you have registered your domain, it is yours as long as you renew the contractand don't violate local law.

    However, there are a few things to keep in mind,if you want to buy a cheap domain name:

    • Don't try to register a domain name that is highly likely to violate the trademark or brand rights of someone else
    • Register yourself as the owner of the domain name – of course, you can use private domain registration if you like.
    • Check our guidelines for renewing your domain name every now and then

    Additionally, there are a few ways to improve the security of the visitors coming to your website. One option is to buy an SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate, you guarantee privacy for your users, when they are exchanging sensitive information with your website. You find more information about our SSL certificate here.
  • If I have a great name in mind, how can I find out, if it is still available?

    Finding a low priced domain is simple. 1&1 offers you a wide range of different cheap domain extensions. You can find the full overview of domain prices here. Checking up if your favorite name is still available just takes a couple of steps.

    1) Insert your domain name with the low priced domain extension of your choice into the domain checker at the top of the site and click on the check-button.
    2) Seconds later, you will find outif your desired domain name is still available in combination with the cheap domain extension or if someone else was faster and has already registered the domain name. In this particular case, 1&1 offers you additional popular extensions at low costs.

  • How to get premium domain names cheap?

    The term premium domain refers to all domains which are already registered by another person or company who might currently not be interested in selling it. These domain names are usuallyshort, generic and thus easy to remember. Because of these characteristics, owners of such a premium domain can sometimes expect to make a lot of money when reselling them. Usually, premium domains are auctioned through marketplaces, like and not very cheap to get your hands on.