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Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Quick Loading Speed for Your Website
  • Server network the closest available server that can process the task fastest is automatically selected
  • Stable and fast connection between user and website, no matter where you are
  • More safety for the source server potential threats are eliminated before they even reach the server

100% Performance for Your Website

CDN packages from 1&1

Increased performance for your web hosting
The web hosting of your website is now faster than ever: Use a content distribution network from 1&1 for your web hosting project and optimize the speed of your website. International projects especially benefit from increased performance.
Increased performance for your WordPress site
Do you have particularly high standards when it comes to your WordPress hosting? Content delivery networks ensure that your WordPress remains the same speed everywhere in the world.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions about:

Content Delivery Network

  • What is a CDN and what are its benefits?

    A content delivery network, or CDN, is a network of servers from data centers all over the world. It dramatically improves the loading speed of your website, especially if your visitors are not located close to your webserver. Your customers benefit immensely from the fast loading speed and a faultless website—anytime, anywhere. You in turn benefit from a considerable competitive advantage.

    In addition the network offers increased security for your webserver and subsequently for your website. The CDN can recognize threats to your website early and eliminate them before the attack can reach the webserver. Distributing the data traffic across a wide network also profits your webserver, the hardware that is supposed to ensure smooth operating of your website.

    1&1 works with the American company CloudFare on its CDN service. CloudFare is based in San Francisco and operates a network of data centers in more than 33 countries across the globe.
  • How does the content delivery network work?

    From the first visit to your website the CDN handles the static content for your webserver, which is located in the 1&1 Data Center in Kansas, through its cache storage, which can be accessed by more than 62 data centers included in the CDN across the world. If a potential customer is navigating your web shop page from South Africa, for example, because he wants to buy his mother in Wisconsin a birthday present, your page will be loaded from a data center in South Africa, ensuring short loading times, no matter the location from where your page is accessed.

    The CDN not only provides geographical closeness between the visitor and the server but also better distribution of the traffic across the world wide data highways. Even visits during rush hour can be handled competently, as the visits are intelligently referred to servers with free capacities. The system always looks for the client-server connection that is the least busy. Imagine a traffic jam on a highway: The content delivery network allows you to avoid it, by simply using a different highway. Any visits to your website can be processed as fast as possible this way.
  • What type of website particularly profits from the CDN?

    The use of a content distribution network is very important if you run a web shop that regularly generates visits from customers outside the USA. As loading times are a determining factor for the success of your online shop, a user from Australia should have the same experience and loading times as a user from the USA. If they do not, you will lose this customer to another online shop with faster loading content. In other words: The further your customers are distributed across the globe, the more important a content delivery network is.

    The content delivery network can improve loading speed for websites with a lot of dynamic content, but websites with static content like pictures and Flash animations or JavaScript components can also benefit from being loaded via a CDN. Using a CDN is also useful during peak traffic times. The distribution of traffic across the network means that loading speeds remain constant.
  • How do I switch to CDN hosting?

    At 1&1 we've made it as straight forward as possible to switch to a CDN or content distribution network. Many of our hosting solutions already include content distribution network hosting and only require activation. All you have to do is go to your 1&1 Control Panel and select activate. What's more, if you want to improve the loading speed of your WordPress website you can also use the content delivery network. All that's left for you to do is enjoy improved site rendering speed and performance, simple.
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