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1&1 Business Web Hosting
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Business web hosting plans from 1&1

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Perfect for dynamic web projects

Ideal for one or several big projects

Ideal for resource intensive web projects or online shops

12 months
£0.99/monththen £4.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
12 months
£3.99/monththen £6.99/month2excl. 20% VAT
12 months
£6.99/monththen £9.99/month3excl. 20% VAT
    • Top performance with up to 2.5 GB RAM, 1.25 GB always guaranteed

    • allows approx. 300 processes per minute

    • Equivalent to about 100 visitors per minute

    • Scalable up to Level 5 as needed with up to 19 GB RAM (approx. 1,500 processes per minute) for just £1.99/month per level*

    • Free for the first 12 months (,,, .info, .website, .club, .me, .uk)

    • Top performance with up to 6 GB RAM, 3 GB always guaranteed

    • allows approx. 600 processes per minute

    • Equivalent to about 200 visitors per minute

    • Scalable up to Level 5 as needed with up to 19 GB RAM (approx. 1,500 processes per minute) for just £1.99/month per level*

    • Free for the first 12 months (,,, .info, .website, .club, .me, .uk)

    • Top performance with up to 9 GB RAM, 4.5 GB always guaranteed

    • allows approx. 900 processes per minute

    • Equivalent to about 300 visitors per minute

    • Scalable up to Level 5 as needed with up to 19 GB RAM (approx. 1,500 processes per minute) for just £1.99/month per level*

    • Free for the first 12 months (,,, .info, .website, .club, .me, .uk)

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about:

Business Hosting

  • Does 1&1 also offer WordPress Business Hosting packages?

    Yes. Along with our normal web hosting packages for your company website, which allow you to install WordPress, 1&1 provides specialized WordPress packages. If you want to use the popular content management system WordPress to run your website, look no further than our WordPress Hosting Package.
  • Do companies receive a domain for their business websites?

    When you choose to use the business web hosting provided by 1&1, you will get premium service and top performance. Depending on which package you choose, you can establish multiple domains. You have a choice between classic top level domains (TLDs), like .com, .org, .info, or .eu, and the new TLDs, such as .california, .chicago or .online, and many more. With business hosting from 1&1 you will be able to find just the right domain for your company website. What's more, the new top level domains allow you to tailor your web address to suit your business perfectly. Do you work in real estate? Make that immediately obvious to potential clients by choosing the .realestate domain. The .business domain, on the other hand, explicitly states that your website is a business website, and a domain name that references a location lets your clients know where exactly you offer your services, whether that is .chicago, .california, or a different location entirely.
  • Is an e-mail address included in the 1&1 web hosting offers?

    The e-mail address that corresponds to your domain is included in all package options of the 1&1 business hosting package. Depending on which package you choose, the number of e-mail inboxes and the size of the memory of your inbox vary. In addition, many package options also include automatic e-mail forwarding to pre-existing addresses, the use of 1&1 Webmailer 2.0 (giving you worldwide access to you e-mail inbox via a browser), and the 1&1 Antiphishing and Anti-Spam protection.
    If you are looking for a professional e-mailing solution that allows you to efficiently manage your data and communication, you can opt for corporate e-mail packages. With a wide range of additional features for your address book, calendar, and to help you manage your tasks and documents, 1&1 Business Mail is the ideal solution to oversee your appointments, projects and teams, as well as optimize your external communication.
  • Does 1&1 have specific business templates for corporate clients?

    If you choose 1&1 Business Hosting for your web project, you have a variety of templates, features, plug-ins, widgets, content management systems, and a website construction kit at your disposal. This allows you to individually design your company website and make sure it is targeted towards your needs and industry. Whether you run a small shop, an emerging company, or are self-employed, our business hosting gives you all the tools, templates, and add-ons you will need. They work equally well for purely informative websites, 1&1 Easy-Shops, or other websites with built in online shops. For more extensive shops the 1&1 E-Shop or the 1&1 ipayment billing system are available. Should the demands of your website grow over time, you can easily customize it to suit your needs thanks to the modular system. Book additional packages or packages to improve functionality, web space, domains, security, and many more features of your website.
  • Which content management systems are available to corporate clients as part of 1&1 Business Hosting?

    Another benefit of using 1&1 Business Hosting to implement your web projects is that you will have access to the tried and tested content management systems (CMS) Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Typo3, and Magento as well as further, more specialized systems. The decision of which CMS offers the necessary features for your website is entirely yours, but this brief overview of the most popular ones should help you decide:

    Drupal: Thanks to its wide variety of features, Drupal can be used to realize almost all web applications, from blogs and online shops to complex company websites or intranet solutions.
    WordPress: WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems due to its user-friendliness, great functionality, and being easily expandable. About 50% of all websites are now run on WordPress.
    Joomla!: Joomla! is a versatile and efficient CMS, that is well suited to managing simple websites as well as more complex business hosting applications and their corresponding web presences. It is both user-friendly and very reliable.
    Typo3: Typo3 is a trusted and widely distributed CMS based on PHP, which is mainly used for professional websites. It offers numerous extensions and easy integration of databases like MySQL, MariaDB or Oracle.
    Magento: The perfect choice for comprehensive, functional, and visually pleasing online shops, Magento is based on PHP and uses MySQL for data storage. Through Magento you can manage a variety of shops with independent catalogues on different domains.

  • Does the 1&1 Business Hosting offer provide 24/7 customer service?

    Yes – our technical support hotline is available free of charge for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experts are happy to provide you with all the advice and guidance you'll need should you encounter any problems or have any questions about your website or its hosting.

    Should you want an even more extensive service, the optional platinum service program delivers premium all-round support. You will be assigned a designated contact person for the duration of your contract who is familiar with your wants and needs, and attends to all concerns. Should your contact not be available you can make use of the specialized on-call service – even at night. More complex questions especially benefit hugely from the attention of someone who knows your websites well.