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.app - The perfect domain for your applications

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Ensure your business is at the forefront of the growing App market
Having the perfect web address is suddenly possible now that a whole new list of top level domains (TLDs) have been released. Instead of generic domains like .com or .org, you can now have a domain that is tailored to your business. The .app domain is a great example and with 1&1 you too can thrust your business into the limelight. Apps are booming and now you can tell your customers exactly what you are doing when you reserve your .app domain with 1&1. It is vital to stake out your claim in the new TLD world and the good news is that you can reserve your .app domain absolutely free.
Register your .app domain with 1&1 and secure your identity
In such a competitive and developing market, there are many apps competing in the same space. This makes it even more important to grab that piece of .app real estate. Games developers might go for, while others can register niche names closest to their business, such as or There is lots of scope to be creative and land a domain that properly reflects your app business and appeals directly to your customers. We all know how crowded the .com world has become and so why not take the chance to get exactly the domain you are looking for with 1&1.
Are you developing or own an app and have some questions left?

.app domain

  • How can I register an .app domain with 1&1?

    It is important to remember that all .app domains will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so you need to move fast to secure your domain. Simply take advantage of 1&1's service to reserve any .app domain you are interested in without cost or commitment. Then, when you have worked out your optimum domain strategy, 1&1 will register the .app domains you have chosen. You will only incur charges for these registered domains. Now is the time to make sure you register your .app domain and knock out the competition.
  • How do I choose my perfect .app domain name?

    We all know how fast-moving and competitive the app world is, so it is absolutely vital to get the right .app domain. 1&1's reservation service gives you time to consider all your options so you can register the .app domains that are right for you - only paying for those registrations that fit with your strategy. A must-have .app domain is the name of your app whilst the right domain will make it easy for your customers to find you, providing the ideal hub as you market your app to your audience.