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1&1 Ad Efficiency Monitor

Successfully advertise on price comparison websites

Marketing dashboard for your campaign
  • Get more out of your advertising budget: Effectively control and manage your spending for price search comparison websites
  • See at a glance how much traffic and how many sales price comparison websites generate
  • All figures are updated automatically, keeping you constantly up to date
The 1&1 Ad Efficiency Monitor includes:

1&1 eShops

The Internet not only provides us with instant and unlimited information from around the world,
but now even normal aspects of our everyday lives are managed using the Internet.

12 months
Excl. 20% VAT
then £9.99 /month

Your website success at a glance

Marketing dashboard for your campaign

Advertise effectively on the Internet

To find the best online deals, many businesses use price comparison websites to advertise low prices, which can be a good way to attract visitors and buyers for your eShop. The 1&1 Ad Efficiency Monitor shows you in detail how much this can be worth to you.

Marketing dashboard for your campaign

Control ad spending

There are no complicated calculations: The 1&1 Ad Efficiency Monitor consists of one clear page, showing the number of visitors, orders received, the ratio of visitors to orders, the transaction value and the turnover profit from each product.

Marketing dashboard for your campaign

Monitor ad spending

Using data from the 1&1 Ad Efficiency Monitor, you can easily see which website is the best for raising your sales and if advertising there is working for you. You can then easily optimise your future promotional activities.