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Leslie Bunder

“Need an easier way to get your business online? 1&1 MyWebsite includes everything you need for a professional website with powerful functionality!”

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Leslie Bunder

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Easy for everyone:
Professional websites for your business

Advertise your business using all the features of 1&1 MyWebsiteHide all features of 1&1 MyWebsite


  • Included features:Web address, 10 GB Webspace, up to 500 website pages, 200 e-mail addresses, drag & drop functionality, professional layouts, colour themes, image editing, Mobile Website Optimisation


  • Included features:Industry-specific text and images, visitor counter, blog, download documents, Guestbook, contact form, Google Maps, RSS feeds
  • Online documentsIntegrate price lists, brochures and terms and conditions simply as .pdf, .doc or .ppt download documents
  • CalendarShow dates and events with a useful calendar on your website


  • Included features:Search engine optimisation, eCommerce, 1&1 Web Apps, social bookmarks, Facebook and Twitter, 1&1 SiteAnalytics
  • 1&1 Social Media HubSynchronise the content of your website with Facebook and Twitter
  • 1&1 Newsletter ToolInform your customers quickly and for free with e-mail newsletters
  • 1&1 SEO ProGet a higher ranking on Google and other major search engines
  • SEO Ready ServiceTargeted optimisation of your website from 1&1 experts for an even better search engine ranking


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Professional functionality for your website

The 1&1 Web App catalogue offers a variety of enhancements for your website, which you can use to incorporate all the functionality that the Internet can offer, into your website. As well as access to major eCommerce portals and industry-specific content, you'll find numerous ways to expand the communication that you have with your customers.
Show your visitors that your website is more than just an online business card!

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Website Transfer Service

Website Transfer Service

Old website?
Switching is so easy!

Create a new 1&1 MyWebsite quickly and easily and replace your old 'unloved' website. You can even keep your existing Internet and e-mail addresses!

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Frequently asked questions about 1&1 MyWebsite

  • Why should I consider creating a website with 1&1?

    As our lives become increasingly conducted online, running personal websites like a blog or an online travel diary for instance, or even starting a website for a small business or eCommerce shop are very natural things to do for most people. Whether you’re thinking of creating your website to express your style and spread your ideas, or to create, expand or advertise your business, 1&1 can help you achieve your goals. Once you’ve chosen your domain name, 1&1 can help you to set up a website quickly and easily, and help you attract visitors to your website in no time.

    We’ll also help you to find industry- or geographically-specific nTLDs for your site to ensure you have the most appropriate domain name possible (for example .london, .clothing, .holiday). Once you have your website, images, multimedia and text are all included to help you ensure that your own little corner of the internet looks as impressive as possible. By using our professional marketing tools, you will then begin to see your site rise in search engine rankings as more and more visitors come to your page.

  • What should I do if I’m considering setting up a website with 1&1?

    Setting up a website with 1&1 is remarkably simple. The first thing you need to do is to choose a domain name. Search for it in our domain checker to see if it’s available. If the domain name isn’t available, 1&1 will suggest alternative TLDs for you to consider. Once you’ve registered this domain name with 1&1, you can begin building your website straight away, and 1&1 will assist you every step of the way. You don’t need to write out pages and pages of code or do any programming. Instead, we offer our customers simple step-by-step instructions to construct sophisticated, functional and aesthetically pleasing websites. At 1&1, we support you in creating a website that’s more than just an online business card. We help you to produce a website that promotes you or your business to the world, attracting visitors and retaining customers.

  • How can 1&1 help me when making a website?

    When you opt for 1&1 as your hosting provider, you’ll have access to 1&1 MyWebsite, which will help you to create a professional, attractive website. With this tool you don’t have to be an expert programmer with years of experience to get your website looking sharp and smart. To design your website, choose from our huge selection of design layouts. You can then begin to customise it with step-by-step instructions. We also have a vast library of free images, perfect for any business, available for our customers to use on their websites to ensure it looks professional. We also make it simple for you to upload your own images and other multimedia. If your website’s primary function is to serve as an eCommerce platform, we can offer different ways of formatting your catalogue of products, to ensure that everything looks as attractive as possible, and easy to browse by your visitors. With 1&1, you can also integrate various payment methods such as PayPal, making your website user-friendly and practical. In addition, we can help you to create and send newsletters to your visitors and customers, and offer you tips and assistance when promoting your site on social media.

  • What should I do if I already have other websites with other providers?

    If you already have other websites with another provider, then don’t worry, this isn’t a problem. It’s easy to transfer any number of websites over to us and begin using our services. The first thing you have to do is contact your existing provider and ask for the authorisation code. This is essentially the code that informs us that you are the legal owner of the domain (or internet address) of your website. Once you have this authorisation code, enter it into our domain checker along with your domain name. When you transfer your websites to 1&1, your data will be safe and your website visitors will be unaffected. Once your site is with 1&1, you can manage it using our control panel, which will allow you to oversee and manage all of your domains hosted by 1&1. If in the future you create another website, you can manage it using the same control panel. At this point you’ll already know how to set up a website with 1&1, and can therefore simply look forward to building and developing your additional websites