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Leslie Bunder

“Need an easier way to get your business online? 1&1 MyWebsite includes everything you need for a professional website with powerful functionality!”

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Leslie Bunder

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1&1 MyWebsite

A professional website
made by you

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Professional layouts for your industry

Perfectly prepared text and image suggestions for over 120 business sectors,
to help inspire you to get started!

How it works

Create your own website quickly and easily, and make changes
to the images, text, colours and layout with just a few clicks. Easy online, every time!

Use high-quality

With just a few clicks you can choose a professional website layout and customise it any way you like.

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Make amends quickly and easily!

You don't need any prior knowledge or additional software to edit your website. Drag & drop functionality allows you to add and move website elements around quickly and easily.

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Be inspired by our pictures and texts

Make a striking impression from the start with high-quality images and text perfect for your industry, as well as a complete navigation structure. Add your own content, text and photos, and choose from over 25,000 royalty-free stock images.

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Perfect presentation on mobile devices

Optimise your website for smartphones and tablets. Your website layout will automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the device, so that the content of your website can be presented completely and perfectly.

It's that easy

1&1 MyWebsite tips and tricks



    How-to Video: Getting Started

    Get to know your 1&1 MyWebsite. Layouts, style, settings, Links and website structure – it's all explained in this video.

  • 21&1 WEB APPS

    How-to Video: 1&1 Web Apps

    Enhance your 1&1 MyWebsite with free third party Web Apps.


    How-to Video: Layout Customisation

    With our professional layouts, you can create a unique design for your website.


    How-to Video: Style Customisation

    Text, colours, backgrounds and headlines – customise your website with just a few clicks.


    How-to Video: Insert Elements

    Integrate website elements such as text boxes, images and videos on your website.


    How-to Video: Image Library

    Fill your website with images and upload your own gallery.


    How-to Video: Image Editing

    Rotate images, crop them and add effects – it's quick and easy to do it yourself.


    How-to Video: Contact and Maps

    Show customers where your business is located and how they can contact you.


1&1 MyWebsite Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy is it to create a website with 1&1 MyWebsite?

    1&1 MyWebsite is easy to use as it allows you to create, manage and update your website as if it was created by a professional developer or designer, the only difference being that it takes a fraction of the time and costs a fraction of the money. You don't need any prior knowledge or additional software. Our drag and drop function allows you to add and move elements wherever you want on your website, and with the simple interface, you don’t need to write a single line of code.

    Save money and be your own website developer and designer. With 1&1, your domain, web hosting and a professional website builder are all included together in one easy package.

  • Can I customise my website template and design?

    Your website will be automatically generated with texts, images and an entire navigation structure based on your business sector. All you have to do is replace this content with your own as and when required. All elements such as headings, texts and images are easy to edit and adjust. 1&1 MyWebsite gives you the freedom to structure your website however you want.

    Choose from over 300 website layouts, all of which have different customisation options. Customise your web design and choose your colours and fonts. Insert your content and restructure and design everything on your website to be as unique as possible. 1&1 MyWebsite provides you with a platform to create your own perfect business website!

  • Can I administer and control my website online?

    Yes! Administering your website online is very easy. You can manage everything no matter where you are. No software is required, simply an Internet connection and your login details. Any changes you make will be published instantly.

    From creating to editing your website, everything is carefully explained and comprehensively illustrated. If you have any complications, there are FAQ pages, integrated help topics and 24/7 customer support to help you with any problems or questions you might have.

  • Is it possible to add Web Apps to my website?

    Yes, you can implement web applications on your website by dragging and dropping them on your website. Simply choose a 1&1 Web App from the many available, and place where you want it to be on your website. At the click of a mouse, any 1&1 Web App can be integrated and instantly viewed and used by your visitors.

    Our industry-specific website packages include tools for social media and business functionality, plus advanced contact and communication features, eCommerce, web services and multimedia integration tools. The new 1&1 Video Maker, 1&1 Online Brochure, and 1&1 Online Survey apps can be easily integrated into your very own business website.

  • How can I promote my 1&1 MyWebsite online?

    When creating your website, you can integrate 1&1 MyWebsite social media features such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to not only market and advertise your website, but also to get to know your audience. For example, Facebook users can like, comment and share your website with others. Therefore you can use Facebook to understand your audience and see what they like and what their interests are. Knowing such vital information about your online audience can allow you to adjust and tweak your website to create an even greater interest in it.

    Furthermore, you can use newsletter marketing to promote your website, products and services to a wide audience. Finally, once you’ve created and launched your website, you can get help from our search engine optimisation experts to improve your ranking in the search results of popular search engines such as Google.

  • I’ve just launched a website. How can I measure its success?

    Once you’ve created and launched your website, you can use 1&1 SiteAnalytics to measure its performance and success. If you want to know how well your website is doing, which pages are the most visited, where visitors come from and on which pages are they leaving your website, then with 1&1 SiteAnalytics, you can track the success of your website and use the data to enhance your online presence.

    With our latest mobile app, 1&1 Web Analytics, you can check your statistics and website performance on the go via a smartphone or tablet. By using this mobile analytics app, you have access to instant knowledge and real-time value. For example, you can easily track the success of your banner advertising campaign or social media interaction (Facebook post, Twitter tweet etc.).