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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated high-end servers with the latest
hardware and up to 12 cores



Ideal entry-level servers with
dedicated performance



Configure up to 99 VMs with flexible hourly-
based billing

NEW: Dedicated Server
Business Line by Dell™

Servers for every demand

13 years of experience and the operation of about 70,000 servers highlights 1&1's expertise.

Dedicated Servers

A wide range of powerful dedicated servers, ideal for medium and large projects – from budget servers for professionals to high-end developer solutions with up to 12 cores.

Dedicated Servers

Virtual Servers

A virtual server is the perfect first step into the world of servers, and can be used as a:

  • Web or e-mail server
  • Community or blog server
  • Small online shop server
Virtual Servers

Dynamic Cloud Server

Ideal for changing server requirements, e.g. due to seasonal demand or temporary traffic spikes, with billing on an hourly basis.

Dynamic Cloud Server

Maximum security for your applications

Alongside top performance, accessibility and reliability are always top priorities with 1&1!


High-performance 1&1 Data Centres

1&1 Data Centres are among the safest and most efficient in the world.

  • Redundant technology guarantees the highest levels of reliability. If one hardware component fails, another one takes over automatically.
  • Sophisticated safety measures provide top levels of data security.
  • 300 Gbit/s external connectivity ensures fast access times.


At 1&1, we're the server experts

  • Each 1&1 Server is built and thoroughly tested by the experts in our Server Lab according to the latest standards.
  • We only use hardware components that have been specifically designed for continuous operation in a professional environment.

Expert support from 1&1

If you have any questions about 1&1 Servers, our server experts are available around the clock by phone or e-mail.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I really need a server?

    If you are looking to get your web project online, 1&1 are your best choice for web hosting and server hosting, no matter how large or small your project. As to whether renting a web server from 1&1 would be suitable and indeed necessary for your project, this would really depend on the size and scope of your proposed or existing web project. For a relatively small company website or personal blog, for instance, it would be more appropriate for you to look into 1&1’s web hosting offers. For larger projects, particularly those which are internationally focused, hosting several versions of a site in different languages, and those providing significant amounts of information, it is definitely worth considering seeking the support of a server solution. Whatever your server requirements, 1&1 have the solutions for you with various options available, allowing you to customise the components of your package – those being computing power, storage and service options. Providing Virtual Servers, Dynamic Cloud Servers and Dedicated & Managed Servers - the hardware of all three solutions is housed in state-of-the-art, highly equipped computer centres, considered among the safest and most efficient in Europe. As your data is constantly backed-up and stored in two computer centres within two different geographical locations, it is highly protected against breakdowns and other technical faults.

  • How can I choose the most suitable server package for my web project?

    1&1 offer a range of server hosting solutions with an ability to cater for all server requirements, whatever the size and demands of your project. At 1&1, you can find three main types of server solutions – Virtual Servers, Dynamic Cloud Servers and Dedicated & Managed Servers. For small to medium sized web projects, for instance applications that require data support, Virtual Server packages would typically be sufficient. Within the Virtual Server range, you can choose from three solutions, providing you with various amounts of RAM (2 GB to 8 GB) and Storage (50 GB HDD to 200 GB HDD), with a choice of operating systems (Windows and Linux) and all supporting unlimited volumes of traffic. If your web project requires the support of a performance boosting web server, particularly during periods of high traffic, a Dynamic Cloud Server solution is the best option for you. 1&1’s Dynamic Cloud Server offers you complete flexibility when it comes to your service. Servers can even be switched off during periods when you don’t require support, meaning that you only pay for the server performance that you have actually used. The Dynamic Cloud server allows you to plan and configure output parameters according to your needs. For an idea of the options available to you and to give you an idea of pricing, take a look at our Dynamic Cloud Server offer. Should your requirements change, you are free to change your initial configuration at any time with 1&1. For complex web and enterprise applications requiring maximum levels of support, the most appropriate server solution would be one of 1&1’s Dedicated & Managed server solutions.

  • What is the difference between a Virtual Server and a Dedicated & Managed Server?

    The main differences between the Virtual Server and the Dedicated & Managed Server come in terms of the hardware used for this purpose, the computing post and the available storage space. A Dedicated & Managed Server used to support a physically independent platform, for instance, is equipped with specific functions and resources, meaning that the performance of the installed hardware is only available to the user. It is called a Dedicated & Managed Server because it gives the user sole access to the dedicated resources and also enables the user to dictate and manage how resources are used. Dedicated & Managed Servers from 1&1 include those servers with which you can freely determine your personal hardware configuration of the different variants, allowing you to tailor the support to the individual requirements of your web project. Here, you can determine the number of processor cores, memory size and storage space facilities used, with nine different variants for you to choose from. In contrast, the Virtual Server guarantees users a certain amount of computing and storage capacity, independent of the physical layout of its hardware.

  • How can I customise the Virtual Server to my current needs?

    For small to medium sized web projects and database applications, 1&1’s Virtual Server solutions are the perfect choice. They are particularly helpful as starting points for growing projects when you require extra support but are not yet looking to rent a fully Dedicated & Managed Server or purchase an in-house server. At 1&1, you are able to upgrade your Virtual Server package at any time should you require more support for your current project – there are three set tariffs to choose from. With RAM support of 2 GB up to 8 GB, and Storage from 50 to 200 GB HDD, you can be sure to find something to suit. For web projects requiring temporary or seasonal support, for instance during periods of higher volumes of web traffic you may want to consider the flexible Dynamic Cloud Server option. Here, you are able to turn the server on an off as and when you need, meaning that you only have to pay for the support used. Additional flexibility comes with the Dynamic Cloud Server. You can tailor your support in determining for yourself your vCores, RAM and Hard Disk Space requirements.

  • What are the benefits of renting a Dedicated & Managed Server from 1&1?

    There are numerous benefits of selecting a server hosting solution from 1&1. One large benefit is that of having full root access to your Dedicated Server. This allows you to take full control of the server choosing exactly how you wish to use the support – be that hosting multiple domains, integrating different web applications or implementing your own local mail server. Alternatively, you can leave this management up to 1&1’s expert team should this be your preferred option. At 1&1 you can be guaranteed top security, top performance as well as the very latest in web server technology, with the choice of Windows or Linux operating systems and a host of additional features, applications and tools available. Furthermore, with so many Dedicated Server options available, you have the freedom to customise your server support to your exact project requirements. At 1&1, you are always able to upgrade or downgrade your level of support at any point – full flexibility to continuously tailor your support according to the requirements of your project. With a Dedicated Server package, you will also benefit from 24/7 telephone support as well as email support from a dedicated technical support team member – both free of charge.

  • What can I do if I choose a server solution and then change my mind?

    Is your web project growing, fluctuating or somewhat unstable at the moment? Are you considering one of our server hosting solutions but see things changing in the near future? Not sure which package to choose? Then worry not! At 1&1, with all our server solutions on offer, you are free to upgrade or downgrade your package at any point in time. If you need additional support, for example, just contact us, and we will upgrade your support accordingly. In the case your support requirements fluctuate over time, a Dynamic Server Cloud could be a great option for you. Here, you can control when your server is switched on and off so that you only have to pay for support when you are using it and more importantly, need it. At 1&1, we aim to have 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, our Virtual Server solutions run a 30 day money back guarantee policy. Thus, if you are unsatisfied or change your mind about our service, for whatever reason, we will give you a full refund on the support you have received within 30 days of activating your package. If you are considering one of our Virtual Server solutions but still asking yourself ‘’what is a server package going to do to help my business?’’, why not try it out for a few weeks to see? If ultimately it turns out not to be right for you at the current time, you can just claim your money back and perhaps look into 1&1 Linux web hosting solutions instead.