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For shops that sell anything!

1&1 eShops are eCommerce solutions that have something for everyone, from beginners to global traders. Changing your package is easy, so your eShop can grow along with your business.

The easy way to start an online business

  • Easy Setup
    In six steps you set up your 1&1 eShop. Use our eShop setup wizard to create your 1&1 eShop and build the foundation of your online business success.
  • eShop Management
    Add new products and make changes quickly and easily, and provide your customers with various secure payment methods and delivery options.
  • Mobile Shop
    Whether on smartphones, tablets or PCs, your shop is optimised for all devices, making it easy for your customers to shop, no matter where they are.

Reliable. Secure. Modern.

Benefit from maximum availability , secure transactions and professional service


Make it easy to get paid

The most popular payment methods are included with your eShop, including payment on account or in advance. With a few clicks you can add other types of payment including credit and debit cards or PayPal.


Certified safety for your online business

  • Offer your customers the highest level of online security with Trusted Shops, the biggest name in eCommerce.

  • Keep yourself and your customers safe with Trusted Shops sample legal and terms and conditions texts.

  • NEW: Exclusive free webinars for 1&1 eShop customers

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Continuous updates

eCommerce trends are continuously changing. With 1&1 eShops, you can stay on the cutting edge.
1&1 eShops are regularly updated with new features and new functionality to meet the needs of your evolving business.


Reliability with geo-redundant 1&1 Data Centres

1&1 eShops operate simultaneously on two geographically separate servers (geo-redundancy). If one server fails, the other automatically takes over, so your eShop is guaranteed to always be available.


24/7 expert support

If you have any questions about the setup and operation of your 1&1 eShop, you can contact our eCommerce experts for advice and practical tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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1&1 eShop Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of creating an eCommerce website with 1&1?

    At 1&1 you will find a whole range of eCommerce solutions to help you in starting an online business today. But why choose 1&1 over other providers? The reasons are clear and simple. First and foremost, with 1&1’s eCommerce software, setting up your business online is made easy. With no previous experience in programming, you can easily select the colours, layout and design of your eShop without needing to employ the help of a professional. The eShop setup wizard will also clearly guide you through the whole process step-by-step. For further support during this process and thereafter, 1&1’s team of expert advisers are also available around the clock providing free telephone support. Here, your adviser will seek to assess your e-commerce website, diagnose any problems and offer you the best solutions and advice to resolve any queries you may have. Additional benefits of launching your eCommerce website with 1&1 include the added hosting features included in your eShop package with one free domain and mailboxes available to users, as well as the advanced marketing tools to help you reach more customers. Such tools include eBay, Kelkoo and Google Sitemaps integration. 1&1 strives for 100% customer satisfaction. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with the services, 1&1 will gladly give you a full refund within the first 30 days of your initial registration. Please read more for full terms and conditions on our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

  • Why should I have an eCommerce website?

    For any retailer, keeping on top of the latest consumer trends is paramount to the success of a business and to maintaining your current market position – this not only applies to your product and pricing strategy but also to your sales and distribution operations. In the past years retail and wholesalers have seen a significant shift in their customers’ preferences towards eCommerce. If you are not doing so already, in order to adapt to and to take full advantage of the opportunities the internet presents for your business, you should definitely register for an online business account with 1&1 today. Don’t lose your customers to competing online retailers and wholesalers. Instead, introduce an e-commerce website to your business model, and be sure to maintain your client base. Having an online website also presents a great opportunity for you to widen the scope of your target market – with an eShop, customers are able to visit your store from anywhere in the world, allowing for a potential global expansion of your business. Furthermore, with an online store, customers are provided with the flexibility of being able to shop around the clock online, allowing for an increase in sales volume. With an eCommerce website, having a physical shop premise is no longer a necessity for a retailer so you can significantly reduce your running costs with significant savings in staffing, utility and property rental expenses.

  • How can I register for an eCommerce website with 1&1?

    Creating an online shop with 1&1 is quick and easy. Firstly, simply decide which of the eShop packages is best for your store: 1&1 eShop Starter, 1&1 eShop Basic, 1&1 eShop Plus or 1&1 eShop Unlimited. It is particularly important to consider the number of different items you envisage your online business stocking and the number of categories of items that the eShop will include. Once you have decided on your chosen eShop package, simply click the ‘Sign up’ button on the respective package and from there you can proceed to choose your domain Alternatively, you have the option to choose your domain later with no time limit for selection. Having chosen your domains or opted to choose them later, you will be given your first invoice with a clear breakdown of costs. From there you will be given the chance to add further optional features to your package. Eventually, you will be asked to enter your contact details and create log-in details. Having done that, you can proceed with final payment and be well on your way to building your new eCommerce website.

  • Is the eCommerce software system secure?

    Operating in eCommerce and handling frequent financial transactions online will mean that security for your online business is of the utmost importance for retaining customer trust, particularly with credit card fraud and other online hacking activities being ever-present threats to internet users. Along with the advanced marketing tools to boost traffic and ensuring that transactions are made easy for customers, 1&1 eCommerce software solutions have advanced security features in place to give both parties peace of mind. Transactions are secured by SSL included with our advanced shopping cart software. This means data sent between a browser and server is encrypted allowing companies and consumers to communicate in confidence without being hacked by a third party. In addition, eShops with 1&1 are prepared for the Trusted Shop Certification. This well-known Trustmark scheme is a seal of approval that will reassure your customers with an added trust when making a purchase from your online business, which could well lead to an increase in sales for your eCommerce website. 1&1 have measures in place so your eCommerce website is protected against data loss. For Linux Webhosting, 1&1 offer Webspace Recovery, allowing you to quickly retrieve deleted files or files that have been overwritten. A 6-day backup is also available and can be easily managed through your 1&1 website control panel. All these security functions are included throughout 1&1’s range of eCommerce solutions and included in the package fee, ensuring your online business account is completely secure and that there is price transparency from the start.

  • What are the differences in the packages?

    Knowing how to start an online business from scratch is certainly a challenge, which is why 1&1 have a range of great packages - 1&1 eShop Starter, 1&1 eShop Basic, 1&1 eShop Plus or 1&1 eShop Unlimited. For those starting out their online business in a small or a particular niche market, the 1&1 eShop Starter is a perfect all-round solution to begin with. This offer has enough to start your business online successfully, with simple features and efficient eCommerce software. To achieve a more professional eShop experience for both you and your customers, purchasing the recommended 1&1 eShop Basic or 1&1 eShop Plus will allow you excel online. When starting an online business with this package, you will have access to an extensive range of features. If your eCommerce website has a particularly extensive product range, 1&1 eShop Unlimited will allow you unparalleled capacity and will never hinder your expansion. With this package, you will also benefit from being able to manage your items into sets as well as having access to every eCommerce feature 1&1 have to offer. Thankfully, no matter what option you feel is right for your website, all eShop options offer vital payment systems, support and security opportunities, as well as traffic boosting tools.

  • What are the advantages of using 1&1 eCommerce software?

    When you choose to use 1&1's powerful yet simple eCommerce software for your website you have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently design your perfect eStore. With the Design Assistant you can also make updates and implement changes at the touch of a button meaning that your site will always look appealing whilst remaining simple and accessible to your customers. This easy to understand design system helps 1&1 stand out from the crowd and removes many of the issues facing first time e-commerce websites.

    Once you have designed your new eStore, management is also a simple and transparent process. Whether you need to update products or prices, images or other important information, 1&1 management software makes the process extremely simple and easy to understand.

    All packages include powerful SSL encryption that offers increased security for both yourself and your customers. Shopping cart software from 1&1 includes a simple check out system and order management, transparent shipping costs and individual shipping options and the ability to accept both online and offline payments. And finally, you can always depend on fantastic customer support should you have any enquiries or questions regarding 1&1's software capabilities.

  • Which package from 1&1 will provide the best eCommerce platform for my needs?

    Depending on your needs, 1&1 has a suitable package for you - from small, independent online shops to large, multinational superstores. Choosing the correct package for your business will mean you enjoy greater value for money whilst still receiving all of the features your eCommerce website should need. However, with 1&1's flexible e-commerce packages, you are free to upgrade and alter your capacity as your requirements dictate – meaning that your growing business will not be constrained by your original choice.

    For customers who are starting small but thinking big, the eShop Starter Package provides space for 100 products in ten categories including five delivery options for your customers to choose from. The next step up is the eShop Basic package which includes 1,000 products in 100 categories or the eShop Plus package that offers 10,000 products in 1,000 categories. Finally, the eShop Unlimited package is the perfect choice for businesses that plan to grow very large, very quickly.

    All packages give you the option of including images alongside detailed product information and a broad range of management tools. All that is left to decide is just how much your burgeoning eBuisness is going to sell.