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Leslie Bunder

“Need an easier way to get your business online? 1&1 MyWebsite includes everything you need for a professional website with powerful functionality!”

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Leslie Bunder

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Make your own website

For everything in your life that matters most: the world tour last year, the wedding next year, your family, friends, pets, home and everything in between! You can make a website about your life instantly!

1&1 MyWebsite Lite only£6. 99£/month*

Try now!

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It's so simple: make your own website in 4 steps

1. Add your address and choose a colour

Enter your address and choose your favourite colour. Choose a personal and distinctive Internet address, e.g. to make your website stand out.

2. Your website will be created

With one more click your own personal website will be automatically made and hosted around the clock in a secure 1&1 data centre.

3. Choose your website topics

Choose one of 30 topics to be the subject of your website, such as football, pets or music. You can easily change your topic at any time.

4. Customise your website

Add your own pictures, adapt the text and edit the colours or layout whenever you want! There's no software or programming required!

No matter what life brings- your 1&1 MyWebsite Lite can adapt easily with just a few mouse clicks!

Website Features

1&1 MyWebsite Lite contains everything you need for your personal website.

  • Customised website designs

    Choose the basic layout design for your website from many optimally designed, internet-ready versions. Easily change the colour and menu structure at any time.  Details

  • Download Documents

    Save yourself the trouble of sending out large documents - give your visitors the ability to easily download documents about your hobbies, CV, recipes etc.

  • Guestbook / Contact Form

    Enable the visitors to your website to quickly leave their feedback!  Details

  • Visitor Counter

    Always know exactly how many people are visiting your website with a reliable Visitor Counter.  Details

  • Inclusive Webspace

    An optimally-balanced performance package for your website.  Details

  • Web Address

    Includes a free domain of your choice. For example, choose your family name , e.g. You can also transfer an existing web address if you already own one. It's so easy!

  • Flash movies / YouTube

    Bring your website to life by integrating videos from YouTube or videos and games in the Flash format in a single click.

  • RSS Feeds

    Turn your website into a popular source of information. Provide your visitors with current news on the topics of your choice by integrating an RSS feed into your website- updates are delivered automatically.

  • Widget / HTML Elements

    With the ability to easily implement HTML code to your website, you can provide helpful and entertaining applications to your visitors. From social media links to Facebook and Twitter accounts to a countdown clock or an exchange rate calculator - the options are endless.

  • Password Protection

    You decide what areas of your website are visible to the public- create password protected pages that are available for access only by select visitors. Perfect for sharing sensitive information, important documents, etc.

  • Website Features